The Greater Patagonia Trail (GPT) is a network of hiking trails, settlement routes, dirt roads, lakes, rivers, and fjords spanning approximately 3,000 km across Chile and Argentina. Created by hiker/adventurer Jan Dudeck, it is extremely new and unofficial.

During our December 2017 to March 2018 GPT hike, my partner Kara kept detailed notes of all the conditions we faced and logistics we encountered. 

Since returning home, Kara has reviewed and revised her notes, turning them into something of a “section guide” for an otherwise undocumented trail. Her writing covers Sections 16-40 of the GPT, paying special attention to packrafting and alternates that we followed. Unless otherwise noted, all words in this guide are her own.

With her permission, I have published this content online, incorporating pictures where possible to bring each section to life.

For anyone looking to take this guide with them into the backcountry, here is a smartphone-friendly PDF.

GPT Section Guide

Preface:  A Note from the Author
Section 16:  Volcán Quetrupillan
Section 17P:  Neltume
Section 18:  Lago Pirihueico
Section 19:  Volcán Puyehue
Section 20:  Volcán Antillanca
Section 21:  Lago Todos Los Santos
Section 22:  Cochamó
Section 23:  Parque Nacional Lago Puelo
Section 24P:  Parque Nacional Los Alerces Agua
Section 25P:  Lago Amutui Quimei
Sections 25H-26:  Aldea Escolar & Carrenleufú
Section 27P:  Alto Río Palena
Section 28P:  Bajo Río Palena
Sections 29-30P:  Valle Picacho & Canal Puyuhuapi [NOBO only; not attempted]
Section 31P:  Lagos de Aysen
Section 32:  Cerro Castillo
Section 33P:  Río Ibañez
Section 34:  Lago General Carrera
Section 35:  Reserva Nacional Lago Jeinimeni
Section 36H/P:  Lago O’Higgins/Río Baker
Section 37H:  Lago O’Higgins
Section 38P:  Glaciar Chico
Section 39:  Monte Fitz Roy
Section 40:  Glaciar Viedma (Huemul Circuit)

If you have any feedback or updated information for any of the hyperlinked sections, please let me know so we can update the guide!