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The GPT does not go through Carriringue, but if you do decide to go into town the route is easy to rejoin by walking south along the paved road, T-29, to Río Liquiñe. There is an established campsite (5.000 CLP/night) which is part of the Red de Turismo Rural where the paved road crosses the river. This campsite has flush toilets, cold showers, and trash.

Tarp pitched at the rural campsite near the Río Liquiñe.

The Río Liquiñe is windy and narrow. Pay attention to the several semi-submerged fallen trees that litter the river. The packrafting portion of this section ends with a 4 km paddle along the eastern shore of Lago Neltume. There’s easy access to the road, T-29, the entire time, but camping is improbable due to the abundance of private property. At the end of the lake paddle, there is an established campsite (5.000 CLP/night). This site has flush toilets and trash.

On the Río Liquiñe with the packrafts. For SOBO travelers, this is the first real packrafting opportunity.

Alternate Route

At this point, the recommended packrafting route turns off T-29 onto a gravel road. DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE. It eventually leads to a river that is now impassible due to a destroyed bridge. An alternative is to continue along T-29 until reaching the highway, 203-CH. Follow this highway through Neltume all the way to Puerto Fuy. Although the recommended packrafting route turns off of the highway after Neltume, on the ground it was unclear where this turnoff was. We decided to road walk all the way to Puerto Fuy.

Jan:  Last season and this season three parties attempted to follow this route ([email protected]). Two turned back, while one made it over the river mentioned above. The safest option is currently not to take the regular route (track [email protected]) but stay on the main road taking Variant “H” (track [email protected]#).

Town: Neltume/Puerto Fuy to Panguipulli

Neltume has options for lodging, a few restaurants, and a bus to Panguipulli—the closest large town for resupply. Ask a local for directions to the bus stop and about arrival times.

At Puerto Fuy, there were several signs advertising lodging. However, it would be difficult to resupply here.

Jan:  I recall about half a dozen mini shops in Puerto Fuy that are sometimes hidden in the side roads. It’s best practice to resupply in the first bigger shop you find on the route (i.e., Neltume) and try in the next village to purchase what you did not get in the first place (i.e., Puerto Fuy).  

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