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GPT24P begins on the Río Carrileufu at the take-out for GPT23P. This is a very enjoyable, calm float all the way to Lago Rivadavia.

Fog sitting over the Río Carrileufu at dawn.

There are several nice places to camp along the east shore of Lago Rivadavia. However, several of the beaches are also popular day trip areas because of the easy access to the shoreline provided by the road, RP71.

You’ll begin to pick up speed as you near the lake outlet into Río Rivadavia. There’s a sign here prohibiting motorized boats from entering the river. Río Rivadavia is swift and narrow with several small rapids and obstacles, such as fallen trees. There are many places to camp under the tree cover on the left bank for the first 500 m or so after exiting Lago Rivadavia.

One of a handful of nice beaches along Lago Rivadavia. Straight ahead (where the dead tree limb meets the horizon line) is the lake’s outlet.

After floating into Lago Verde, you’ll notice several beaches along the east bank that are fairly popular during the summer months. There is no obvious camping on the west bank. At the outlet of Lago Verde, about 200 m after the pedestrian bridge crosses over the water, the river splits. A rope stretches across the entrance to the west fork, which flows to Lago Menédez, preventing boaters from entering (for good reason due to some violent rapids). The river stretch between Lago Verde and Lago Futalaufquen is wide, slow, and free of rapids.

On Lago Futalaufquen, there is a free campsite, Punta Mattos, just off of RP71 where the northwest branch of the lake intersects the larger body of water approximately 7 km after entering the lake. There is trash disposal here but no running water nor toilet.

A typical camp spot at Punta Mattos. Our neighbors for the night are just out of the frame.

At this point, there is a choice whether to continue south towards Lago Krügger and GPT25P or east towards Villa Futalaufquen and GPT25H. SEE “GPT25P: Lago Amutui Quimei” BEFORE CHOOSING TO GO TOWARD THIS ROUTE!   

Town: Villa Futalaufquen

Villa Futalaufquen is a small, tidy town at the southern end of Lago Futalaufquen. There is a little store offering snacks, cheese, and bread. An information station for Los Alerces National Park is located here. This station is a good resource to gain information about the surrounding area, including GPT25P and GPT25H.   

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