The picture above is of Lago Futalaufquen looking toward Rio Frey.

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GPT25P was not attempted, but see below for some brief notes about this section gathered from the ranger in Villa Futalaufquen and independent research.

GPT25P begins just after the Lago Krügger take-out and follows alongside Río Frey, a Class III/IV river, which flows into Embalse (Reservoir) Amutui Quimei. It is not recommended to packraft on the reservoir, except for the crossing because of frequent strong winds. As stated in the website below, it is illegal to camp on the shore of Embalse Amutui Quimei so plan accordingly. The Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex, a dam at the mouth of the famous Río Futaleufú, is located on the southern end of Embalse Amutui Quimei.     

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Jan:  GPT25P was traversed twice in recent years and is a difficult packrafting route. DON’T attempt to paddle to the south-eastern end of the lake but only cross the lake in one of the rare calm moments.

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