Worn/Carried Item Weight (oz) Comments
Hat "Popsicle" Trucker Hat 2.15 Thrift store gold. Mesh breathes better than fabric. Coupled with bandana for sun.
Baselayer Top Patagonia Capilene Daily LS T-shirt 5.55 Light synthetic dries fast. LS good for sun. Fairly bugproof.
Baselayer Bottom Blue Nylon Thrift Store Shorts 3.10 Airy and light. Dries near instantly.
Wind Pants Montbell Dynamo Wind Pants 2.65 Ended up wearing almost entire time. Took a beating (many tears) from granite.
Hiking Shoes New Balance MT 10v4 16.90 Held up great. Good traction. Sufficient padding for endless talus fields.
Socks Darn Tough King of the Mountain Micro Crew Light 1.95 Because I lord over those mountains.
Bandana Bandana 0.75 Mostly used for sun protection on this trip. 
Sunglasses Gas Station Sunglasses (Polarized) 0.90 Would have gone blind on snowfields without these. Fabulous fashion statement.
Total   33.95  
Other Clothing Item Weight (oz) Comments
Midlayer Top Generic Fleece 9.60 Rarely needed. Primarily used as a heavy pillow.
Bug Netting Sea-to-Summit Mosquito Headnet 0.80 Heavy snow led to a late mosquito hatch and made this mandatory for sanity.
Rain Jacket Dri Ducks Ultralite 2 Rain Jacket 6.05 Warm and incredibly lightweight. Lack of durability easily patched with duct tape.
Spare Socks Darn Tough King of the Mountain Micro Crew Light 1.95 Rotate and wash socks daily.
Shell Gloves Northface ETIP Fleece Gloves 2.00 Found near Palisade Lakes. Wore holes within days. Weight estimate.
Total   20.40  
Packing Item Weight (oz) Comments
Backpack KS Ultralight KS 4 10.00 Added DIY Bottom Pocket which made for fantastic map storage.
Pack Liner Generic Trash Compactor Bag 2.45 Waterproofing.
Straps DIY Y-Strap 1.30 Used a couple buckles and 1" webbing to create a Y-Strap on top to attach bear can.
Total   13.75  
Shelter Item Weight (oz) Comments
Tent ZPacks Hexamid Solo Tent 12.85 250+ nights and going strong. Fantastic ventilation and little condensation in Sierras.
Groundsheet Polycro 1.30 Can slide up a side if rain/splash coming in.
Tent Pole Zpacks Tent Pole + Duct Tape 2.50 Pole incredibly light for strength. Excellent substitute for trekking pole.
Stakes 4 MSR Mini Groundhogs + 3 Easton Nano Blue 6 + 1 Y Stake" 3.20 Mix of types for varied soil.
Total   19.85  
Sleep System Item Weight (oz) Comments
Quilt Enlightened Equipment Revelation (20 degree) 20.75 Developing cold spots, but still sufficient insulation for nights in 30s and 40s.
Sleeping Pad Gossamer Gear Nightlight 6.7 Frame for pack as well as torso-length pad. Used empty pack for feet at night.
Bag Liner Sea-to-Summit Sleeping Bag Liner 4.80 Added warmth at night.
Total   32.25  
Kitchen Item Weight (oz) Comments
Bear Can Bear Vault BV500 40.60 More for protection from park rangers than bears.
Spoon McDonald's McFlurry Spoon 0.15 For cold soaked meals, strong plastic adds durability.
Cold Soak Jar Talenti Jar 1.70 Gelato was more appetizing than peanut butter when assembling kit.
Water Bottles 700ml Smartwater Bottles (2) 2.30 Flip cap makes excellent backcountry bidet. Water abundant in Sierras.
Total   44.75  
Fanny Pack Item Weight (oz) Comments
Fanny Pack All-Dyneema Thru Pack with Comfy Strap 4.20 Provided by Thru Pack. Heavier than GG Hipster, but capacity and features so worth it.
Light Sprout's Headlamp 2.00 My light broke right before the trip, so Sprout lent me her backup. Weight estimate.
Water Treatment Bleach 0.40 Simple, cheap, effective.
Fire Starter Mini BIC lighter 0.40 Mostly used for "cauterizing" cords, webbing, and thread.
Toothbrush Zpacks Travel Toothbrush 0.15 Easily the most gramweenie thing I've ever purchased.
Toothpaste Zpacks Travel Toothpaste 0.10 Easily the most gramweenie thing I've ever purchased.
Toilet Paper Hand Sanitizer 0.65 Travel size plenty for two week trip.
Anti-Chafe Body Glide Original Antichafe Balm 0.45 Useful to try and recover and retain moisture after long days of wet feet.
Sunscreen Dermatone Skin Protector SPF 23 0.75 Sun exposure intense at elevation. Still got burned some.
Anti-Butt Chafe Vagasil 0.90 The magical cure for butt chafe.
Knife Derma-safe Folding Utility Survival Knife 0.25 All I need to cut cheese, thread, and cord.
First Aid Kit Cuben Repair Tape, Thread + Needle, Tweezers, Imodium, Benadryl 0.55 Used all my thread repairing rips in pants from granite and brush.
Phone iPhone (incl. case and qt freezer Ziploc) 5.15 Communication, clock, alarm, GPS (Gaia), camera, photo backup (Google Photos).
Headphones Samsung Earbuds 0.40 Headphones save battery life (s/o Morning Glory) and eliminate noise pollution.
ID & Money Drivers License, Debit, Credit, Permits, Insurance Card, Cash 1.00 Only the essentials.
Chapstick Mini Chapstick 0.15 Would have been nice to have some SPF for UV protection.
Journal Rite in the Rain N. 331FX 2.60 Trusty journal. More of a booklet.
Pen Ballpoint Pen 0.20 For journaling and map annotating.
External Battery Ankar PowerCore 10000mAh Portable Charger 6.30 Only needed once due to little phone/GPS usage.
Charger Phone and battery charging cable 1.75 Lightning-to-Micro USB converter means I only need one cord instead of two.
Total   28.35  
Miscellaneous Item Weight (oz) Comments
Maps Andrew Skurka's Mapset 9.60 Printed 11x17 double sided. Excellent maps. Rarely used GPS. Weight estimate.
Map Sleeve Gallon Ziploc 0.40 To protect maps from precipitation.
Ice Axe Camp Corsa Nanotech (60cm) 9.00 With high snow year, was glad to have for numerous snowfield crossings.
Emergency Beacon SPOT Gen3 4.25 Used tracking to share adventure with friends and family.
Total   23.25  
Total | Ounces Weight (oz)  
(A) Items always worn or carried, or not in pack 33.95  
(B) Items sometimes worn or carried, or always packed, AKA "pack base weight" 154.25  
(C) Items carried in fanny pack 28.35  
(B) + (C) = "base weight" 182.60  
(A) + (B) + (C) = Full "skin-out" weight 216.55  
Total | Pounds Weight (lbs)  
(A) Items always worn or carried, or not in pack 2.1  
(B) Items sometimes worn or carried, or always packed, AKA "pack base weight" 9.6  
(C) Items carried in fanny pack 1.8  
(B) + (C) = "base weight" 11.4  
(A) + (B) + (C) = Full "skin-out" weight 13.5