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Paul's Tableau Dashboard

Nerd Warning: This post is about data, board games, and Tableau

My friend, The Great Paul Ross, recently published a Tableau dashboard he's been working on quite some time. The goal was to create a single view to help you decide what board game to play next.


The dash combines data from Board Game Geek and Board Game Arena to rank games based on difficulty and player reviews. You can filter ased on the ideal number of players, competitive vs cooperative games, and whether the game is available for play on Board Game Arena. It's super easy to look for comparable games to some of your faves (think, "if I love Concordia, what should I play next?"). Did I mention this is publicly available for anyone to use on Tableu Public?

Check it out here: Paul's Tableau dashboard

P.S. Because nobody asked, I'm currently on an Ark Nova kick and highly recommend.